402-mile range exceeds many gas cars

Tesla continues to lead the charge for electric vehicle range. The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus sedan has an unprecedented 402-mile rating, the American automaker announced on Monday. 

The EPA has yet to confirm the rating of the range leader, but in a post on its site, Tesla claims it is “an official EPA-rated range.” The 2020 Model S Long Range sedan listed on fueleconomy.gov has a 373-mile range, but there are often lags in what an automaker announces and what the EPA publishes. 

Tesla once again pushes the electric vehicle farther in range and in acceptance. Less than

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Plug-in 2021 BMW X5 SUV gets $3,300 price bump, big pump in performance and range

BMW’s newest crossover with a plug will manage more than double the all-electric range of its predecessor, the automaker announced Wednesday.

The 2021 BMW X5 xDrive 45e upgrades from a 308-horsepower turbo-4 with a 9-kwh battery to a 389-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 with a 24-kwh battery. All performance measures improve for 2021, but the price only jumps from $63,095 to $66,395, including $995 destination.

The all-electric range of the plug-in crossover SUV increases from 14 miles to 30 miles, but BMW seems more intent on overall performance than maximizing range. The turbocharged inline-6 and electric motors generate 443 pound-feet of

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2020 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid has 37-mile range, starts below $35,000

The 2020 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid has an EPA-estimated 37 miles of electric range and starts at $34,285, including $1,245 destination, the automaker announced Monday. 

The Escape PHEV comes in SE, SEL, or Titanium trim, and the Titanium nudges the price over $40,000. The 14.4-kwh lithium-ion battery pack qualifies the Escape PHEV for a federal EV tax credit of $6,419, according to our calculations. 

The best-selling Ford behind the F-150 pickup truck and Explorer midsize SUV, the 2020 Escape compact crossover comes with four different powertrains, including two turbocharged gas models and a gas-electric hybrid that gets 44 mpg city,

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2021 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid sedan rated for up to 23 miles of electric range

The EPA this week released its ratings for the upcoming 2021 BMW 330e plug-in hybrid sedan and said the updated powertrain can manage up to 23 miles of all-electric range on a single charge. The 330e xDrive all-wheel-drive version is rated for up to 20 miles of electric range.

The ratings are significantly higher than the last plug-in 3-Series sedan sold by BMW, also named the 330e, which was last sold for the 2018 model year. The new 330e will complement the BMW 330i and M340i already on sale.

The EPA rated the 2021 330e at 28 mpg combined when

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