What’s new for 2021: Mini

Mini continues to charm for the 2021 model year. The British brand owned by BMW returns a 6-speed manual transmission to its small lineup, further enhancing its reputation for quirky urban cars that are fun to drive but offer limited practicality. 

From the Union Jack taillights and rear barn doors to the circular design features adorning the inside and outside, Mini stands out amid a sea of homogeneous small crossovers and vanishing compact cars and hatchbacks.  

Mini consists of essentially three models ascending in size, from the Cooper, Clubman, to the American-sized Countryman. Then each model can be had in

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2020 Mini Cooper SE comes with a big but

The 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle comes with a big but. It’s cute, it’s punchy, it’s distinct, it’s versatile, but… But. The range is only 110 miles. That’s a but so big even Sir Mix-a-Lot ain’t down with that. 

That “but” narrows the usefulness of the 2020 Mini Cooper SE. Even if a Mini is a third car for most owners, as Mini spokesman Andrew Cutler told me, the limited range and rough ride quality limit it to duty as a city car or suburban runabout, as long as you have access to a plug and live in a

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Sidewalk Edition returns to 2021 Mini Cooper S convertible

The 2021 Mini Cooper S convertible comes with a Sidewalk Edition trim package that will start at $39,250 when it hits dealerships in late April, the automaker announced on Friday. 

First launched in 2007, the Sidewalk Edition is a puzzler. BMW says it was a popular special edition, but aside from being equipped like a Cooper S in Signature trim, this edition includes “Sidewalk” badges to remind drivers not to go on concrete dedicated for pedestrians. In addition to custom colors and scissor-spoke 17-inch wheels, the Sidewalk Edition comes with a six-speed manual transmission. This might be the main reason

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