[ad_1] A number of months ago, MINI showed off its Aceman principle, a futuristic vision for city mobility. It highlighted a funky inside, with a substantial dashboard display screen and playful animations, and was obviously built for the upcoming-generation of motorists. Although, its exterior was considerably tamer than its wild […]

Mini continues to charm for the 2021 model year. The British brand owned by BMW returns a 6-speed manual transmission to its small lineup, further enhancing its reputation for quirky urban cars that are fun to drive but offer limited practicality.  From the Union Jack taillights and rear barn doors […]

The 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric vehicle comes with a big but. It’s cute, it’s punchy, it’s distinct, it’s versatile, but… But. The range is only 110 miles. That’s a but so big even Sir Mix-a-Lot ain’t down with that.  That “but” narrows the usefulness of the 2020 Mini Cooper […]