The Car Connection’s Greenest Cars of 2020

If you’re looking for today’s cars with the lightest environmental footprint you should be looking for charge ports, not fuel tanks.

Why? The energy efficiency of electric motors is fundamentally better than that of gasoline engines; and if you consider how rapidly the U.S. electrical grid is greening due to more sustainable sources like solar and wind, the advantages are going to keep building over the years you drive the vehicle.

You won’t find fuel-stingy icons like the Toyota Prius on this list. Some of the greenest cars such as the Tesla Model 3 Performance and its 3.2-second 0-60 mph

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The Car Connection’s Best-Performing Cars Of 2020

What’s life without passion? We don’t want to know. For people like us, cars excite those passions. The thrill of acceleration, the exhilaration of a track drive, and the need for speed all set the heart aflutter. 

At The Car Connection, we ignite those passions in hundreds of cars every year on tracks and canyon roads. When we get the chance on a closed circuit, we toss the cars into corners to see what kind of line they carve, jump on the gas to see and feel just how quickly they can accelerate, and rail on the brakes to

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The Car Connection’s Safest New Vehicles of 2020

New cars are safer than ever before. Fatal crashes are fewer, while miles traveled on American roadways are higher than ever before. Most new cars are equipped with vital life-saving equipment such as automatic emergency braking, and many can be equipped with even more new tech that can prevent crashes from happening. 

This year, the IIHS toughened the criteria for earning a coveted Top Safety Pick award. Among the tougher guidelines, the IIHS now tests pedestrian detection systems included with automatic emergency braking systems. Even though traffic fatalities are declining, pedestrian fatalities are rising.

This tougher criteria affects The Car

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The Car Connection’s Best-Looking Cars of 2020

As we rate more than 200 new vehicles each year, we dole out styling scores in the TCC Rating system. Is it good-looking inside? Point scored. Inside? Another point. Yes but is it really good-looking, inside and out? Point, and point. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

To earn a perfect 10, a car must be exceptional—and for 2020, only three cars earn that merit badge. A slew of vehicles land just a point lower, and any of them would instantly upgrade most drivers’ garage wardrobes.

We look at everything, from proportions to balance, from the finer details to

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