San Diego: what is known for the city on the Pacific coast Dormitories

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How do you imagine student housing in San Diego? Believe me, ours and never dreamed of! The student accommodation, that is, the hostel, although to call the cottages a hostel language does not turn around – these are small townhouses of the middle class. Living in such conditions, everyone will hold on to a place at the university, and not curse the cockroaches and the dean.
La Jolla – the “precious“ district of San Diego
La Jolla is not only expensive houses and beaches, it is a place with more than a century of history, people and events that made the area so unusual. Residents do not like it when La Jolla is called a district; they prefer to call themselves a city. Here is one of the most beautiful embankments of the United States – breathtaking. The oncoming waves break on the rocks, and the light ocean breeze brings a pleasant coolness.
Ignoring the tourists, gulls hatch eggs in the gorges, and on the warm rocks they choose to sunbathe the seals. But housing prices bite – in the area of ​​La Jolla the most expensive real estate in California. Here you can buy nothing for less than a million, and if you buy, you will become the most impoverished.
Zoo – the pearl of the city
It was in this zoo, eleven years ago, that the video was recorded, which was the first video uploaded to YouTube. He scored more than 34 million views.
The San Diego Zoo is one of the places you must visit. Why? The fact is that there are rare species of animals and innovative approaches are used to keep animals. By visiting this park, you will be impressed!
Since the parc is very large, it provides not only a pedestrian inspection, but also a bus inspection. Transport runs in such a way that visitors can get acquainted with 75% of the territory. Choosing a walking tour, you can see animals from a fairly close distance. But the walk will take several days.
Also an important feature of the zoo is that there are no aviaries that simply stand next to each other. All animals are grouped by geographic location, which allows you to maintain the desired microclimate. Due to this, animals are almost in the same environment as in natural conditions.
Every day, to the closing of the zoo, volunteers arrange a show, but not for people, but for animals. Entire performances for our smaller brothers!