Pros and Cons of Driving an Electric Vehicle in the UAE

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How much does it cost to run an electric vehicle (EV) in the UAE? Is it worth the price tag?

Electric vehicles are becoming a step ahead in terms of environmental sustainability. Nowadays, EV owners can enjoy some benefits such as lower fuel costs, less traffic congestion, and reduced pollution.

Yet, they come at a hefty price tag — EVs usually cost around three times more than conventional gas-powered cars. Are they worth paying extra for?

There are pros and cons to having an EV. Read through these points if you are not certain whether to sell your car in Dubai and get an EV one or not.

The biggest concern surrounding EV ownership is the initial outlay cost, which tends to be higher than purchasing a regular petrol car. But this is a very long-term investment. Thus,  you should consider how much money you will be saving in the long run. 

Pros of Driving an EV


Electric cars are eco-friendly because they operate on renewable electricity which is much cleaner than gasoline or diesel fuel. Thus, owning an EV means playing a significant role in reducing CO2 emissions and preserving clean air on the planet.

Electric vehicle owners know firsthand that electric cars are far greener than gas-powered ones. The switch from gasoline to electricity makes a positive impact on the carbon footprint without compromising performance.


Electric cars use significantly less energy than normal gasoline-powered cars and save money over time. Their engines are different than regular engines, but they are much more efficient. As a result, people who buy them tend to pay less for gas over time since they save so much money. All the maintenance required for electric cars is very minimal.

There’s also less room for error when driving an electric car than there is in one powered by fossil fuels. As long as drivers keep it charged, EVs don’t require any maintenance, which means they save money and reduce operating costs.

Also, if you look at it from another perspective, buying one will mean you won’t have to deal with gas prices anymore. In addition, you’ll save money every month on gas costs and maintenance. 

While electric vehicles may not be as affordable yet, they will eventually fall in cost, just like many other consumer products. 


Owning an electric car comes with numerous privileges. Many countries exempt electric car buyers from taxes. Thus, you will be paying lower taxes for electric vehicles than paying for internal consumption engines. Besides, the subsidies that some governments offer help reduce the total price of the vehicle.

Now Let’s See the Cons of Owning an EV

Where to Repair

When electric cars get into an accident, the repair costs are high. Also, most workshops don’t have the adequate equipment or experience to repair them, so hiring the services of specialized shops will build up more on the bill.

Car Insurance

Insurance companies often charge higher premiums for EVs than regular cars, due to their higher prices and repair costs.

Lack of Options

When thinking of buying a traditional car, there are thousands of options in the market. But when it comes to being an EV, only a handful of carmakers offer a reliable EV, like Tesla.

A few things have to happen before EVs become mainstream: charging stations must be ubiquitous, battery prices have to come down, and we have to see the widespread adoption of plug-in hybrids (cars that can be charged from wall outlets and plugged into the grid).

So, what do we think? Would you cash your car in UAE and buy an EV? 

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