Hyundai launching dedicated EV sub-brand, Ioniq 5 electric crossover arriving in 2021

Hyundai announced Monday that it’s launching a dedicated electric-vehicle brand called Ioniq.

The Ioniq brand will include three new models—with nomenclature that uses even numbers for sedans and odd numbers for SUVs. First up are the Ioniq 5 crossover, arriving in fall 2021, and the Ioniq 6 sedan, arriving in 2022. They’re expected to be about the size of the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, respectively, and will be followed by a larger SUV, the Ioniq 7, in 2024. 

Hyundai already provided a preview of the first Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6—in the form of the 45 crossover concept shown in 2019 and the Prophecy sedan concept shown earlier this year. 

The new electric vehicles will be built on Hyundai’s global modular platform for EVs, allowing ultra fast charging capability and “plentiful driving range.”

Although Hyundai has used the Ioniq nameplate before—for the Ioniq Hybrid, Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid, and Ioniq Electric models that were introduced starting in the 2017 model year—the Ioniq brand represents the company’s “growing commitment to sustainability and innovation and will be instrumental in achieving the company’s clean mobility goals.”

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Those goals involve a global sales target of 1 million electric vehicles in 2025, across Hyundai Motor Group—which includes Kia. Hyundai hasn’t provided a breakdown by market, or given any further outline of how that will translate to EV availability in the U.S.

Up until now, Hyundai’s electric vehicles have been very well-received, with some of the best efficiency and energy management on the market. But availability, especially in the U.S., has been limited, with its EVs stocked only in states following California’s electric-vehicle mandate.

Even as Ioniq is launched as a brand, the existing Ioniq lineup will carry on under the Hyundai brand—as will the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Nexo fuel-cell vehicle.

Hyundai Motor America confirmed that Ioniq models will be sold and supported through Hyundai’s existing dealership network. Although with the parent company’s message that the Ioniq brand will also be “synchronizing eco-products within an ecosystem of lifestyle solutions bringing connected living to a new generation,” assume that there’s plenty of innovation in

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