Ford F-150 recalled for two separate issues

Ford announced last month two recalls of the bestselling Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The first and larger recall involves new Ford F-150 pickup trucks in crew cab configurations equipped with four-wheel drive and the 5.5-foot short bed. Certain 2021-2022 models equipped with the 302A equipment group available on XLT and above trims have a sound insulation package that could affect the aluminum driveshaft. The underbody insulators could sag and scrape a joint at the transfer case.

Over time, the driveshaft could score or eventually fracture, which could result in a loss of power while driving or a roll-away risk when parked without the parking brake engaged. The driveshaft could detach and scrape the ground, which could cause drivers to lose control of the truck.

Although Ford said it wasn’t aware of any crashes or injuries related to the issue, there have been 27 reports of fractured aluminum driveshafts. The recall encompasses 184,698 units. 

Drivers encountering the issue may recognize it by a “rattling, clicking or clunking noise,” Ford explained to the NHTSA. It’s possible to see the insulator sagging below the passenger or driver side of the cab. Since the new trucks are still under warranty, Ford dealers will inspect and fix the trucks at no charge. Owners can expect notification by mail as early as Jan. 31. 

The second recall involves the 2018 Ford F-150 for a busted tailgate. Both manual and power tailgates have tailgate latches that could unlatch while the truck is in motion and dump bed contents onto the road. Ford is not aware of any injuries related to the issue, but it had fixed about 400 vehicles with a suspect tailgate latch under warranty, the automaker told the NHTSA. The recall encompasses 57,591 F-150s from the 2018 model year, and is not the only tailgate issue.  

In 2019, Ford recalled heavy duty F-Series trucks for a power tailgate malfunction, and a similar issue prompted a recall of the F-150 in Canada, but not in the U.S. That issue involved a short circuit in the wiring, instead of the mechanical latch issue.  

Ford dealers will inspect and replace the right-and left-hand tailgate latches at no cost to owners, and owners who have had the work done already will get reimbursed. Notification of this recall is expected by Jan. 31, but reimbursement eligibility ends Feb. 21. 

For more info and to check to see if your truck is recalled, call Ford’s recall line at 1-866-436-7332 or visit Ford’s recall website

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