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2020 Honda Civic vs. 2020 Toyota Corolla: Compare Cars

2020 Toyota Corolla Nightshade Edition

The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are household names for value and have been top-selling compact-car lines for decades.

Today, both of these models definitely aren’t calling it in. In both cases, their most recent redesigns have recast these otherwise modest compact cars in much more exciting—or at least inspiring—forms. Strong and fuel-efficient powertrains give them perky performance while still getting at least close to 40 mpg highway in both sedan and hatchback styles. The Civic comes as a coupe, and the Corolla as a hybrid. And refinement and safety features haven’t been forgotten in

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The 2020 Volkswagen GTI’s swan song hits all the right notes

One of the top five cars I drove last year was almost as old as I am. 

I found it in an oceanside parking lot, next to a row of ancient Volkswagens. It fired up with a fitful sputter and found first with less confidence than an American League pitcher at-bat. Once the car was alive, I never wanted the drive to end. 

The 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI is the archetype for budget bliss behind the wheel and to be clear, an automotive legend. I love that car and foolishly dared to lick a New York subway turnstile to buy

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How to clean your car’s interior like a pro

A clean car is a happy car. Your car deserves to be happy.

For some it’s therapeutic (raises hand) and for others it’s a necessary evil. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, cleaning the inside of your car is necessary maintenance that isn’t difficult to do. The hardest part is deciding to do it.

Keeping the interior of your car clean not only helps maintain resale value, it makes it safer, last longer, smell better, and above all else, it creates a more pleasant driving—and idling—experience.

It only takes a couple hours once you have the right products

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Ford Bronco, Genesis GV80 lead the coolest crossover SUVs for 2021

With so many things to look forward to—the outdoors; non-rationed toilet tissue; our normal lives—our impatience for the forthcoming crop of crossover SUVs is particularly acute. The Ford Bronco returns this year after a 25-year hiatus, and a slew of electric crossover SUVs angle for mass-market appeal for EVs. It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over, we hope. 

While there are plenty of new crossovers slated for 2021, including the Kia Seltos and the return of the Chevy Trailblazer, the following models are especially exciting.  

2021 Ford Bronco

The most anticipated SUV of the year

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