5 ways in which you can lessen the weight of a car

Regardless of the car you drive, you can cut down its weight by following some processes, and it’s really helpful for the happy drive for a long hours. Even when you have a pretty old car, you can shed its weight. For example, you can discard the air conditioning compressor as it is around 5 kg. You can shed 10 or more than 10 kilos if you remove the fan, heater matrix, and related piping. A car battery weighs nearly 10-15 kg, and if you shift to a small race battery, you can reduce its weight to half.

Strip out your car’s interior

When you strip out your car’s interior, then you can make some accessible reductions. For example, based on the vehicle, when you lose the rear seat, then you can lose nearly 25 kg. Now, if you take off your car’s door cards, then you can shed one or a couple of kilos.

Fit a lighter body panel  

When you are pretty serious about making your car lighter, you can consider aluminum body panels with some replacement products created from glass-fiber-reinforced plastic or GRP. You can swap the front wings, bonnet, doors, boot lid for GRP, and this will provide your car with some notable weight savings.

Use polycarbonate in place of glass windows: You can use polycarbonate for dropping one or two kilos for each replaced window.

Opt for lighter wheels: When you opt for a more lightweight set of wheels, you can save nearly 2-3 kg. Although, however, it does not sound like an impressive amount it can bring you huge benefits by cutting down the overall weight figure of your car.

The lightest cars of the world

If you are on the lookout for the lightest cars, then you can check out Weightle. This site is the best one for checking various vehicles. Many companies create lightweight cars either for running on public roads or track racing. Some lightest vehicles that are available are:

LCC Rocket: The weight of LCC Rocket is 850 pounds, and it can cover a distance of 150 miles in just an hour.

Caterham Superlight R400 – This car weights 1102 pounds, and it doesn’t any window, door, and power steering. This car looks lovely as it is hugely compact.

Caterham Seven 620 R – The weight of Caterham Seven 620 R is 1202 pounds. It has an aluminum frame that keeps it lightweight, and it was the ultimate intention behind the production of this car. 

Morgan Three-Wheeler – This car weighs 1212 pounds, and it has got three wheels only.

Westfield Sport 1600i – The Westfield Sport 1600i weighs 1367 pounds. This car utilizes an in-line engine and 4-cylinder for speed. Most often, this car is utilized for running on the racetrack, sport, etc.

Morgan 4/4 – Many people love to buy this car as it is inexpensive, small, accessible, and light. The weight of this car is 1753 pounds.

Citroen C1 – Citroen C1 weighs 1764 pounds, and it utilizes cheap components for keeping its price low. Unlike other lightweight vehicles, it does comprise doors and windows. The notable thing is it has got various uses and you can use it even in icy and wet conditions.

For learning more about lighter cars, don’ forget to visit Weightle.