Day: June 23, 2020

Convertibles just as safe as cars with roofs: IIHS

The lack of a roof does not mean a lack of safety when it comes to cars, according to an IIHS study released on Tuesday. 

Even with cloth tops, modern convertibles don’t pose a greater crash and fatality risk than sedans or coupes. In fact, there were fewer crashes and fatalities in convertibles. An analysis of crash fatality data of convertibles that were up to five years old during 2014-2018 showed that convertibles were involved in 6% fewer crashes per miles traveled and death rates were 11% lower than in conventional cars.  

“There’s no statistical basis for concerns that the

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Apple updates CarPlay, rolls out digital CarKey

The bond between smartphone and connected car continues to strengthen with Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone and updates to Apple CarPlay, the tech giant announced Monday at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. 

Apple said its latest operating system, iOS 14, gives users a secure way to unlock and start their car via iPhone or Apple Watch. That digital key can also be shared with another person via a text message. Owners can give access to their car, and guests can drive it, bring it back—take it to the car wash and fill it up while they’re at it. If

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Beat the heat with these five convertibles that start for less than $35,000

The arrival of summer signals the open season for open-air dining, open-air exercise, and of course, open-air driving. Who doesn’t like head room limited only by the lower troposphere?

There may be fewer convertibles on the road now than before but the thrill of droptop driving—and a 65-mph hair dryer for the morning commute—never goes out of style. (Our haircuts might’ve fallen out of fashion, but that’s just an incentive for us to drive faster.)

There are plenty of luxury models without a roof, but mainstream automakers offer stellar top-less models ready for Main Street for much less money. Here

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What’s new for 2021: Mini

Mini continues to charm for the 2021 model year. The British brand owned by BMW returns a 6-speed manual transmission to its small lineup, further enhancing its reputation for quirky urban cars that are fun to drive but offer limited practicality. 

From the Union Jack taillights and rear barn doors to the circular design features adorning the inside and outside, Mini stands out amid a sea of homogeneous small crossovers and vanishing compact cars and hatchbacks.  

Mini consists of essentially three models ascending in size, from the Cooper, Clubman, to the American-sized Countryman. Then each model can be had in

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