Day: June 11, 2020

Ford recalls 2.15M cars for incorrect repair of previous door latch recall

Ford announced on Wednesday the recall of 2.15 million older Ford and Lincoln vehicles that had already been recalled and repaired for faulty door latches. Those 2011-2016 models were recalled and repaired through 2017.

The affected vehicles may not have had all the door latches replaced or correctly replaced under the original recall, according to Ford’s statement, but the spring tabs in the replacement latch could crack and fail, especially in hit, sunny areas.

A fractured pawl spring tab might result in the door not being able to close, but it could latch after several attempts to shut it. Once

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Plug-in 2021 BMW X5 SUV gets $3,300 price bump, big pump in performance and range

BMW’s newest crossover with a plug will manage more than double the all-electric range of its predecessor, the automaker announced Wednesday.

The 2021 BMW X5 xDrive 45e upgrades from a 308-horsepower turbo-4 with a 9-kwh battery to a 389-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 with a 24-kwh battery. All performance measures improve for 2021, but the price only jumps from $63,095 to $66,395, including $995 destination.

The all-electric range of the plug-in crossover SUV increases from 14 miles to 30 miles, but BMW seems more intent on overall performance than maximizing range. The turbocharged inline-6 and electric motors generate 443 pound-feet of

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